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a community for bookworms who love fantasy

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A community for bookworms who love scifi/fantasy!
This community is for people who love to read fantasy and science fiction and then like to discuss it! Note although our name celebrates fantasy, science fiction reviews/discussions are also welcome.

Anyone is welcome, but no trolls or flaming will be tolerated in Fantasy Readers. Please keep your dialogue respectful of your fellow readers.

Once you join, please make an introduction post containing the following information:

Your name (or Username)
Your Age
Your Favorite Authors or Favorite Books

The tags have been updated as of 2/2/2012. Please use them when you post for everyone's convenience. They include a tag of the form "author last name: X" for each letter of the alphabet. If you have any problems, post or message comrade_cat.

Please feel free to post pictures of any sort in this community, but if you post more than one, please put it behind a cut. In addition, any spoilers should be clearly marked and put behind a cut as well.

We've all voted on it, and we've decided that there will be no advertisements in this community. So please refrain from putting up ads about eBay auctions, or new communities that we might be interested in, etc... If you do post, the entry will be immediately deleted. (Although you as a member are still more than welcome to participate in our discussions!)

Other than that, please feel free to post whatever you like, comment when you wish, and enjoy the community to its fullest.

BTW, this is the worst bio ever. C'mon people - you know the drill by this point, right? Common sense and good manners are the rule, not the exception.
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